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Greens: Where Obama Leads, EPA Follows

EPA bureaucrats follow the President’s lead religiously, it seems. Not just on policy, though, like the regulations I discuss on the homepage today, they also emulate their master in taking time on the job to practice their golf swing. This was actually sent around an EPA office recently:

Who could begrudge these public servants this particular route to good health?

BTW, I have performed a couple of rounds of due diligence on this. It’s real. The afternoon sessions are all booked. It’s offered by a federal health services group that provides “health & wellness” services to EPA employees. This includes special events like the one pictured on the flyer where Nike Learning Center is providing “swing analysis” to prevent back injuries while golfing.

Iain Murray is the author of Stealing You Blind: How Government Fatcats Are Getting Rich Off of You.


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