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It Was All Fun and Games Until the Gorilla Got Punched in the Nose

Arizona Republic:

The Phoenix Suns Gorilla kicked the wrong man Tuesday night, a Miami Heat fan who didn’t see the humor and responded with a punch to the mascot’s nose, police said.

The gorilla’s nose was bloodied and his antagonist’s point was made. Both ended the night none the worse for wear, and neither was charged after Tempe police took a report at Dave & Buster’s in Tempe Marketplace.

It started just before 6:30p.m., police said. The Suns Gorilla at the event, Robert Woolf, who is not the same Suns Gorilla who performs at games, was at Dave & Buster’s with other Suns employees, police said. Woolf attempted to high-five Timothy Austin, who refused to participate because he is a Miami Heat fan, police said.

The gorilla, acting in a way he described as “playful,” kicked Austin. Austin then threw the punch, and police were called, officials said.

“After explaining that both subjects could be charged with assault and arrested, they both agreed not to press charges,” according to the police report.

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