Right Field

In Luck We Trust

How much confidence do the Stanford coaches have in their star quarterback Andrew Luck? He’s now calling his own plays:

STANFORD, Calif. (AP)—Andrew Luck has been doing things no other quarterback in the country has for most of the last two years. Now he’s taking on responsibilities most can only imagine.

For the first time in his career, Luck called his own plays during stretches of No. 7 Stanford’s 45-19 victory over UCLA on Saturday night without any input from coaches. No script. No questions. Just Luck.

“We put the formation out there and let Andrew call the play,” new coach David Shaw said. “It’s 100 percent up to him to get us in the right play. We feel we have a phenomenal quarterback. I don’t know if there are too many college quarterbacks that can truly call the game. It’s not coming from the sideline. It’s coming from him on the field.”

That could be a scary thought for opposing defenses.

The Cardinal (4-0, 2-0 Pac-12) unleashed the new hurry-up offense with vengeance against UCLA, a game Shaw said he had been plotting to start the scheme all summer. Luck even split out to receiver on several occasions as a decoy—making an acrobatic one-handed catch from receiver Drew Terrell on one play starting behind center—and showed he can do more than just play quarterback.

Call him Coach Luck.

“His plays were a little bit better than mine,” Shaw said.

And check out this one-handed grab by Luck on a fake reverse — and he drags the foot!


If I were the Colts, I’d throw ever game to get Luck with the first pick. Manning as mentor to Manning 2.0.