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Managing Blame in the World Series

Those of us scratching our heads over certain tactics from World Series managers Ron Washington and Tony LaRussa should consider checking out the Inside the Book in-game threads devoted to analyzing decisions by the skippers, as well as those of their players.

The game two thread features co-proprietor MGL’s snap defense of LaRussa’s decision to abruptly lift his star reliever in the top of the ninth:     

Good (and ballsy) move by TLR.  Motte has a large platoon split, mainly because fastballs have a large split.

Rhodes is much better than Motte against lefties (near 1 run per 9).  And Hammy [Hamilton] has large splits as well.

Of course, you have a bunch of RH hitters coming up, so you have to consider that.

Earlier, he had opined on potential pinch-hit opportunities:

Yup, Phil, I would have PH for Lewis in the 6th. No manager would though. Yeah, Colby is a barely above average starter in the first place.  Third time through the order?  Any reliever is better.

Pinch hit for Punto in the 7th?  I don’t see any reason why not.  If he brings in Schumaker (or Moreland) to PH, will Wash put in a lefty? I don’t think so.

He even took a swipe at FOX color analyst Tim McCarver:

You would think that McCarver, after catching for 20 years and then broadcasting for another 20, would be able to tell the difference between a slider and a change up, especially when they show the hand and the spin in super slow motion close up.  But, I guess not…

The game one thread is here.

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