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Marlins Park Update

Not only is the roof leaking, but the grass is dying:

Marlins president David Samson said it was going to take the organization all year to work out the kinks at the new ballpark.

A month in, the Marlins are still trying to figure out how to plug leaks in their 8,000-ton retractable roof and how to stop the grass from dying in the outfield.

“We knew going in the other retractable-roof ballparks had to make adjustments the first two years to get their ballpark,” Samson said. “We hope we get it right the first time. So far, it’s not right. We’re going to keep working and finding a way to make it better.”

With the team hitting the road Tuesday for nine games in San Francisco, San Diego and Houston, the grounds crew at Marlins Park is first going to turn its attention to the grass in the outfield — particularly right field — that is turning brown.

And they can’t find the leaks because the rain isn’t cooperating:

“But you need it to rain and see where [the leaks are]. There have been different types of rains the last few days. Back in the exhibition games there were leaks in the roof track in [Section] 321. [Monday], it wasn’t there. Sunday in right field, there were drips in Sections 1 and 2 and 201. But I looked during the game [Monday] when it was pouring, and I did not see it dripping.”

Dear Miami taxpayers: Enjoy your new stadium!

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