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More Musburger Follies? I Think Not

There’s some question if Brent Musburger, fast on the heels of his creepy infatuation with the girlfriend of Alabama’s A. J. McCarron during the BCS National Championship game, called ESPN’s sideline reporter — Holly Rowe — “smokin’” at the conclusion of last night’s Baylor–Kansas basketball game.

Early reporting had Musburger call Rowe “really smokin’ tonight“. . .

“Once again, your final score, Kansas 61, Baylor 44,” Musburger said in the manner he has hundreds of times before. “Coming up next, SportsCenter. For Fran Franschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight, I want to say ‘so long from Lawrence.’”

. . . But ESPN has since pushed back declaring Musburger said “it was really smokin’ tonight,” not “who was.”

Here’s the video and I hear “it” as well.

But does that really matter? If Musburger had said a male sideline reporter was “smokin’” tonight, I doubt if anyone would have read anything sexual into it. Yes, Musburger (and the producers in the ESPN truck) were creepy during the National Championship game, but I think the PC word police need to move on with this one.


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