Right Field

NBC’s Chuck Todd Should Be a Sportscaster

Yes, the replacement refs in last night’s Seattle-Green Bay game missed a crucial call that gave Seattle the game. But so what? As long as there have been sports, there have been bad calls. 

NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd went on a Twitter rant last night over the officiating. I found the whole thing offensive, since he hasn’t shown this same tenacity in questioning the president or Jar Carney lying about the Behnghazi attack.

You can read Todd’s tweets from last night and decide for yourself if he was over-the-top in his criticism. I think he was. He’s one of the main faces of NBC News, and appearances matter. As far as I’m concerned, Todd should move to NBC Sports and NBC News should promote one of those Univision guys who wasn’t afraid to speak truth to the president. Speaking truth to the NFL is not quite the same, no?


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