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NY Giants Cost Seattle Auto Dealer $425,000

Actually, the insurance company will pay out the money, but still:

The Seattle Seahawks’ 23-0 shutout of the New York Giants on Sunday will make 12 people $35,000 richer on Monday.

Jet Chevrolet, a car dealership in Federal Way, Wash., located 25 miles south of Seattle, had a promotion that if the Seahawks shut out the Giants, 12 people would split $420,000 equally.

“This is crazy,” said Jim Johnson, one of the owners of the dealership. “We never expected that we’d actually be giving away the money.”

Luckily for Johnson, the company took out insurance, which he said cost about $7,000.

Johnson originally wanted to do the shutout promotion last week when the Seahawks played the San Francisco 49ers, but he said working out the rules to make sure the giveaway was legal and in accordance with state regulations pushed it back a week.

I wonder if the insurance company changed its rate based on the Giants instead of the Niners? Before last week’s game, the Giants were 5-8 before the promotion; the Niners,  two weeks ago when they wanted to have the contest, were 8-4.