Right Field

One Last Time, Here’s Manny

Manny Ramirez is not quite ready to hang up his spikes, at least at the minor-league level. Mark Townsend of Yahoo Sports’ Big League Stew reminds us that the slugger is joining Iowa, the Triple-A club for the Cubs, to serve as player-coach.

Ramirez, 42, spent the past month at the Cubs’ spring training facility in Arizona preparing for his role by working out with minor league and rehabbing players, while also working himself into playing shape. Apparently, it didn’t take him long to knock off whatever rust he may have had. In an extended spring training game on June 4, he launched a mammoth 450-foot home run that was punctuated with a momentous bat flip. . . .

His role is also clearly defined. The Cubs have no plans on calling him up to the big league roster, regardless of how well he performs. He’s there to teach and talk hitting with anyone who will listen, which stands to benefit the organization greatly. The payback to Ramirez goes beyond earning a paycheck, it’s an opportunity to satisfy his own desires to continue getting at-bats in a competitive environment.

Actually, I see no reason why Theo Epstein shouldn’t consider bringing up Ramirez for a handful of plate appearances in September, once the Pacific League season has concluded. I suspect there are a few North Siders who would want one last opportunity to see Manny try to launch a ball onto Waveland Avenue.

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