Right Field

Prediction: Eight Major League Baseball Teams Will Reach the Postseason

Martin Prado grounds out to the pitcher in his first at-bat? My fantasy season is over! Mark Teixeira drills a three-run shot to the upper deck in right? My fantasy season is saved!

Welcome to the next six months of my life.


American League

East: Red Sox

Central: Twins

West: Athletics

Wildcard: Yankees

But it’ll be close. The addition of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford won’t fully offset disappointing years from Youk, Ortiz, Scutaro, and Mike Cameron — who put up a lousy .729 OPS in 48 games last year. The Sox rotation could be studly if Lackey and Beckett return to pre-2010 form; or they could be the 2008 Padres starting five — a motley of over-the-hill aces, injury cases and Cinderellas who turned into pumpkins.

National League

. . . What the hell is a “National League”?

Okay, fine.

East: Phillies

Central: Brewers

West: Giants

Wildcard: Rockies

Game on, gentlemen.

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