Right Field

Racist? Obama Leads Like He Plays Basketball

So says Obama friend, Reggie Love:

Tampa, Florida (CNN) – Reggie Love, the man by President Barack Obama’s side for two years in the White House, said the president leads like he plays basketball.

In an exclusive interview with CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin, Love said the president is a competitor above all else. 

“He’s a competitor, and I think when you compete … you can’t spend all your time sort of being overly emotional or reactional to what’s going on,” Love said.

Love, who worked in then-Sen. Obama’s Capitol Hill office before joining him on the campaign trail and in the White House, said that competitive nature extends to politics, cards and even shuffle board.

The former Duke basketball player often hits the court with the president and said he is able to brush off a bad play in sports and in life, managing to appear “really calm all the time.”

“I think it looks like he’s really, really calm all the time and nothing gets under his skin, but I think from an efficiency standpoint, you know, you can cry about the call or you can look to the next play,” Love said. “And if you spend your time crying about the call, usually you, you miss the next play. And then … instead of having one bad play, now you have two.”

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