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Stone Phillips and His Self-Financed Piece on Youth Football Head Injuries

TV Newser reports:

Former NBC “Dateline” anchor Stone Phillips is returning to the world of TV news, only this time his reports will be online.

Phillips, who left “Dateline” and NBC nearly five years ago, has launched a website, StonePhillipsReports.com, and has posted his first investigative piece for the site, “Hard Hits, Hard Numbers,” a look at head injuries in youth football.

“This is a big week, this is Super Bowl week, a lot of people are thinking about football,” Phillips tells TVNewser. “There are 2,000 NFL players, there are 3.5 million players ages 6-13. When you think about the number of people playing the game, and where we need to be focused in terms of safety and exposure to risk, certainly more work needs to be done here.”

Agreed. Here’s the link to his report.


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