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UPDATE: Virginia Footballer Joins Hunger Strike

I guess we won’t have another Bobby Sands to deal with.

Virginia football player Joseph Williams broke an eight-day fast Monday around 10 p.m. so that he could focus on his studies and prepare for a service trip to Belize over the school’s spring break next week, he said Tuesday morning.

Williams is one of several Virginia students who either were or are participating in a hunger strike as part of the Living Wage Campaign’s efforts to leverage school officials into improving the treatment of service-sector employees. He said he lost roughly 12 pounds during his fast.

His first post-strike meal: miso soup and sushi.

“It felt good,” Williams said. “I got full a lot quicker. I ate really fast. I guess I was just really excited to be eating again. I was kind of queasy a little bit for a while, but I got over it.”

 I’ll admit, eight days is a lot longer than I’d go. On the other hand, I believe most would find a first meal of miso soup and sushi evocative of the 1 percent.


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