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Would Some NFL Team Please Hire Jon Gruden?

So I don’t have to listen to him on Monday nights?

Gruden is notorious for his happy talk: Every player has enviable talent and plenty of upside — which is what happens when you put a “players’ coach” (who wants to coach again one day) in the booth. You never know who might be on your team, right? 

But he hit a new obsequious low tonight, calling Philip Rivers “the best quarterback in the AFC.”


I guess Bill Belichick’s job is safe enough that Coach Gruden can safely forget about Tom Brady. Meanwhile, the Chargers are reportedly prepared to fire both coach Norv Turner and GM A. J. Smith.

Sure, it’s Gruden’s job to try to generate some viewer excitement about the heinous MNF matchup between the Jags and Chargers. But it’s football. We shouldn’t be asked to suspend our disbelief.

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