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Bill Carrico’s Very Strange Electoral College Proposal

My guess is that Republicans in the Senate of Virginia won’t ultimately unite around Sen. Bill Carrico’s call for awarding one elector to the winner of the presidential race in each of the commonwealth’s 11 congressional districts and its remaining two electors to the winner not of the overall popular vote, but rather to the winner of the majority of congressional districts. David Weigel explains why the Carrico plan is problematic, yet he doesn’t leave us with a sense of whether it is likely to make it out of the Senate and the Virginia House of Delegates. Assuming it does not, we ought to congratulate the legislators, including the GOP legislators, who oppose it. But if it does, there is reason to believe that this new Virginia plan could undermine the Electoral College and strengthen the case for abandoning it in favor of national popular vote elections for the presidency, as Josh Barro has suggested.


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