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Caldwell on The Phantom Fix

This is one of the best takes on health reform I’ve read come across.

Health reform is beginning to look like a run-of-the-mill “fix” of the sort Washington applies whenever a big-spending program spins out of control. When people get attached to benefits they haven’t paid for, the solution is seldom to cut the benefits. It is to rope in a set of dupes (in this case, young, healthy people) to pay for benefits they won’t receive. Far from breaking with the me-first ethos that brought us to the brink of economic ruin, the individual mandate fits squarely within the time-honored Capitol Hill tradition of identifying resources that can be dislodged from future generations, and transferring them to the generation in power.

As Charles Murray has eloquently observed, we’ve lost a number remarkable conservative thinkers over the last decade. Fortunately, we have Caldwell, as well as some of my distinguished colleagues at National Review, to at least start filling the vacuum. 

Reihan Salam — Reihan Salam is executive editor of National Review and a National Review Institute policy fellow.

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