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Dandruff is Doomed

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Rajeev Mantri, who is, among other things, a libertarian columnist for Mint, an innovative Indian newspaper that focuses on business and finance. Rajeev is also an investor and a co-founder of Vyome Biosciences, an ambitious biotech start-up that is developing mind-blowing medical technologies, per a new article by Seema Singh in Forbes India:

Vyome has built strong platforms that nail the genomics of bugs that cause skin disorders—how dermatophytes survive on human skin. The first line of products are in the anti-dandruff space and will enter the market in mid-2013. 

The global market for dandruff and acne alone is $20 billion, estimates Sengupta. Existing anti-dandruff products don’t treat the fungus that causes it. In comparison, the molecule that Vyome is using in shampoos and oils is nanotechnology-mediated and is perhaps the first definitive attempt to “cure” dandruff. 

Though I have no personal interest in a cure for dandruff, this is very exciting stuff. And it is a harbinger of the benefits we will derive from the global spread of entrepreneurial capitalism.  


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