The Agenda

Peter Suderman and Ross Douthat on the Politics of Medicare Reform, Etc.

I agree with Peter Suderman and Ross Douthat. Chris Cillizza has been covering the unfolding politics of Medicare reform. Glenn Thrush and Jake Sherman have burnished their journalistic credentials through able coverage of the same beat

Many of my colleagues have been poring over the various think tank proposals released under the auspices of the Peterson Foundation’s Solutions Initiative. David Wessel has a quick summary of the plans, as does Howard Gleckman. The plans I found most compelling were from the American Enterprise Institute and, to a lesser extent, the Bipartisan Policy Center. I intend to write more on both of them. 

Allow me to highlight the wisdom of Edward Glaeser, who exhorts Americans to marry young, form households sooner, and consider renting, and Charles Kenny, who cheers on a growing global population. Matthew Rognile punctures glib conclusions by viewing the decision to live in a highly-productive megacity through a Diamond and Mirrlees lens.