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Sen. Tom Coburn’s Back in Black

I’d like to echo the sentiments of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget:

We applaud Sen. Coburn for releasing a plan with this level of detail that puts all areas of the budget on the table. Sen. Coburn also deserves credit for going through the budget line by line, agency by agency, and offered specifics on exactly where the plan’s savings would come from. However, just proposing a plan is no longer enough–policymakers need to work together to reach a bipartisan compromise that can be enacted into law. Hopefully, with his ideal plan now released, Sen. Coburn (and other lawmakers) can work toward a bipartisan compromise that reduces our debt as a share of the economy.

Actually, I really want to echo the first half of the preceding paragraph. Having just read the chapter on revenue, I am impressed by the sanity of the Coburn proposal so far, and also the effort to illustrate the various proposed reforms with accessible, concrete examples. 

I’ll be writing more on the Coburn proposal this week.


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