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Stray Links 01.29.11

* Rick Hess is being too hard on Amy Chua, architect of the great pre-publication PR coup of all time. Yes, the book is all about her. Specifically, it is about the way she grew and changed over time, and the sources of her idiosyncratic anxieties around parenting.

* Yonah Freemark on why congressional Republicans tend not to be pro-transit.

* Brian Katulis on rethinking U.S.-Egypt relations.

* Megan McArdle on corporate tax reform.

* Brian Beutler at TPM perhaps inadvertently convinces me of the virtues of the RSC spending proposal. Diana Furchtgott-Roth is a fan.

* Harsh V. Pant of KCL on the emerging alignment between democratic India and Indonesia.

* An ominous riff by Matt Y., drawing on Tyler C.

* Who got the wage gains from 2000 to 2009? Michael Mandel has a chart.

* I greatly enjoyed Arnold Kling’s thoughts on The Great Stagnation.

* As a pre-commitment mechanism, let me note that I’m hoping to write about (a) Australia, (b) self-employment, (c) whether we’re defining the technology boomlet accurately, and (d) a really intriguing LRB essay.


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