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The 41 Percent Solution

Revealing nugget of the weekend: Frank Rich is bragging about Obama’s approval rating on health care, 41 percent.

Of course, Republicans are at 21 percent. But it’s not like the GOP has spent the past two and a half years in more or less nonstop campaign mode pledging to any audience that would listen that they would fix health care, now and forever.
In the same poll, 36 percent say that based on what they’ve heard, Obama’s health-care reforms are a good idea, 42 percent say a bad idea; 40 percent say it will make their care worse, 24 percent say it will make their care better.
The poll he cites puts Obama’s overall approval at 51 percent, the lowest of his young presidency. Only 21 percent want a “complete overhaul,” a steep drop since April; the numbers for “major reform” are up 2 percentage points, and “minor reform” is up 10 percentage points.
But hey, you know, if it makes Frank Rich feel better . . .

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