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“44 Percent” of Republican Voters or Giuliani’s supporters Don’t Know He’s Pro-Choice? Huh?

Gwen Ifill on Meet the Press yesterday:

MS. IFILL:  Because people don’t know yet what they think.  And because people don’t yet—know yet who these—I mean, 44 percent of Republican voters—Giuliani’s supporters don’t know that he’s pro-abortion rights.

I heard that and my skepticism alarm went off. I have yet to find a poll that confirms that; the closest I have found is this poll indicating some Republicans are less likely to support Rudy because of his views on abortion and gay marriage. (I took out the HTML because it was lousing up the post). But that’s not quite the same as what Ifill said.
Also, Byron York looked at this idea a little while back and noted:

Carbonetti may be right, especially about those Americans — estimated at anywhere from 9 to 13 percent of the electorate — who are single-issue voters on abortion. (The large majority of them are on the pro-life side.) They’re passionate and well-informed; it seems unlikely that they wouldn’t have a clue about a man as well-known as Giuliani. Perhaps the polls that consistently show Giuliani at the head of the Republican presidential pack have already taken into account his problems on those issues.


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