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50 Percent of Nevadans Disapprove of Harry Reid!

Everything in this Mason-Dixon poll of 625 Nevada voters is a little surprising, and undermines the “everything’s coming up roses for the Democrats” theme we’re hearing from a lot of corners of the MSM:

Favorable / Unfavorable

Pres. Obama (D): 55 / 30

Sen. Reid (D): 38 / 50

Sen. Ensign (R): 53 / 18

If the 2010 election for Nevada’s U.S. Senate seat were held today, would you vote to re-elect incumbent Harry Reid, would you consider voting for a challenger, or would you definitely vote to replace Reid?

    35% Re-elect

    17% Consider

    45% Replace

Do you feel President Obama’s economic stimulus plan is working, or not?

    37% Yes

    42% No


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