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50 Percent of U.S. Adults Don’t Have an Opinion About Ted Cruz

“Oh, that silly Jim!” they scoffed. “There’s no point in trying to define Ted Cruz now! He’s been a well-known conservative for years! He was at the center of the debate during the government shutdown! People already know what they think about Ted Cruz!”

Earlier this month, Gallup polled 1,522 adults about their opinions of various political figures. Asked their opinion about Ted Cruz, 22 percent answered favorable, 28 percent unfavorable, 37 percent said they had never heard of him, and 13 percent said they were undecided. In other words, half of all adults don’t have an opinion on him yet.

(One can’t help but wonder how many said, “Yeah, I really liked him in Top Gun.”)

In the same poll, Hillary Clinton split 50 percent favorable, 35 percent unfavorable. Jeb Bush split 35 percent favorable, 33 percent unfavorable.


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