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52% of All Americans Have No Opinion on Chris Christie

Gallup informs us that most Americans aren’t familiar with Chris Christie. This would be a significant obstacle if Christie was running for president, but he’s denied that he has many times, to the point of wondering aloud if he has to kill himself to dispel the idea.

Could Christie change his mind and run, as Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif. predicted? Anything’s possible, but Christie would then have to explain why he was reversing a stance that seemed so emphatic.

In other news, Christie’s press office has put together spotlighted a “greatest hits” video, entitling his most famous moments, as, “You’ve been CC-ed!”


Clarification: While Christie’s office did send a link to the video, they did not assemble the video and it is not on the “official” Chris Christie YouTube page.

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