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55% See Economy Improving Under Romney, Only 46% Under Obama

USA Today comes out with a poll this morning as well, showing good news for both sides.

Good news for Obama: “A 58 percent majority predict the economy will be good a year from now… More than a third report they are better off than they were a year ago.”

Good news for Romney: “An overwhelming 71 percent rate economic conditions as poor.. four in 10 who say they’re worse off than a year ago.”

Good news for Obama: “Those surveyed predict by 56%-36% that the president will win in November over Republican Mitt Romney. That’s a bigger edge than Obama had at this point four years ago; then, by 52%-41%, Americans said he would defeat Republican John McCain.”

Good news for Romney: “Since becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, Romney’s favorable-unfavorable rating has jumped to 50%-41%, his best ever and in the same neighborhood as Obama’s 52%-46% standing. The former Massachusetts governor gets stronger ratings than the president when it comes to handling the economy, the issue likely to drive the campaign. In the poll, 55% say the economy would get better over the next four years if Romney was elected, compared with 46% who say it would improve if Obama was re-elected. Twenty-seven percent say the economy would get worse in a Romney first term, compared with 37% who say that of an Obama second term.”

This seems big: “For the first time during this campaign cycle, the GOP has an advantage in congressional elections. By 50%-44%, those surveyed say they’re likely to vote for the Republican congressional candidate. The two parties were tied in the USA TODAY Poll in February, and Democrats had a 7-point advantage last August.”


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