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$900 Million Spent on the Presidential Race So Far

Just mentioned on XM’s POTUS08: Spending in this year’s presidential election so far by all campaigns and affiliates has reached $900 million.

Who, besides Ron Paul, has gotten their money’s worth this year? Maybe John McCain is running a much leaner, better campaign now. But that’s after a spendthrift 2007.
Right now, Barack Obama is spending a half a million per media market per week in 16 states.
If you’re wondering why Obama is within 2 percent in Georgia, why Rasmussen has Obama up 5 in Montana, etc., this is a big reason why. The question is, will people remember a June/July advertising campaign in November? Are the ads running now establishing an image and message that will withstand McCain and RNC’s advertising come September, October, and the closing days of November? Or are voters not really tuned in right now?

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