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After The Opening Brawl Among the Top Tier…

Boy, the second-tier candidates didn’t get a word in for the first fifteen minutes.

Ron Paul has a difficult time hearing Carl Cameron’s question. He says marriage is primarily a religious matter, and the government should not be involved.
Congressman, didn’t that horse leave the barn a loooooong time ago?
Romney avoids a chance to go after those who didn’t support a gay marriage constitutional amendment. He makes a strong case on this one, citing the Massachusetts and Iowa state constitutions.
Rudy: “I do not believe that we need a constitutional amendment. What I have consistently said if a lot of states – 3,4,5,6 states with the kind of judicial activism… then we should have a constitutional amendment.
I did marriages when I was mayor. They were all men and women… I hope. You’ve got to give me a little slack here, it’s New York City.”
Man, the Republican debates are so much livelier and funnier.
Hey, Huckabee showed up. Looks like he got a haircut.
He jokes about the “demolition derby” the other candidates are making, and says he’s more interested in fighting for the American people, including for “the sanctity of life.”
Fred says that his abortion lobbying was in his “private law practice as opposed to my public service.” “They’ve come forward now, because I’m their worst nightmare. I voted against them in the Senate. Now they’re trying to defeat me.”
Seems like a strong answer.
McCain says he hasn’t changed, and doesn’t change. But that he wants to reach out to all parts of the Republican party. “I am proud that in my public life, I have reached out to former enemies. When Rev. Falwell came to my office and said he wanted to put our differences behind us, I was more than glad to.”
Tancredo complains he was one of the last to speak. Ah, look, Congressman, I think you’re dead last in the polls among those on stage, so it’s not like the audience has been holding its breath waiting for you.

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