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Al Franken, Determined to Get to the Bottom of the Perry Mason Controversy

Sen. Al Franken is attempting to refute someone’s argument that relates to the word “abortion” not appearing in the Constitution.

Al Franken: “Are the words ‘birth control’ in the Constitution? Are you sure?”* Is his tone as off-putting to everyone else as it is to me?

The newest senator began by saying that he was surprised Sotomayor wanted to become a prosecutor from watching Perry Mason, since the prosecutor, Berger, lost every week except one. He concluded, “What was the one case in Perry Mason that Berger won?” After saying that she couldn’t remember the name of the episode or the case, Franken asked Sotomayor, “Didn’t the White House prepare you for these hearings?”

A little on the silly side for a guy who needs to show the rest of the country that Minnesota still takes its representation in Washington seriously.

* UPDATE: By the way, the word “control” does appear in the Constitution.

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