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From the final Morning Jolt of the week:

Pond Scum: The Oil of the Future!

Er . . . yay?

President Obama admitted today that he does not have a “silver bullet” solution for skyrocketing gas prices, but he proposed alternative energy sources such as “a plant-like substance, algae” as a way of cutting dependence on oil by 17 percent.

“We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance, algae — you’ve got a bunch of algae out here,” Obama said at the University of Miami today. “If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing alright. Believe it or not, we could replace up to 17 percent of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in America.”

Great news, guys. All we need to do is figure out how to make energy out of pond slime, and we’ll be filthy rich!

And all Obama needs to do is figure out how to turn lofty promises into tangible results and he’ll be doing alright!

TWB at Wizbang notices the danger and drawbacks of having a dreamer at the top of our government:

If we could figure out how to make energy out of sand, we’ll be doing alright. If we could figure out how to make energy out of poop, we’d be doing alright. If we could figure out how to make energy out of lard, we’ll be doing alright. If we could figure out how to make energy out of lipstick, we’ll be doing alright. If we could figure out how to make energy out of Preparation H, we’ll be doing alright. If we could figure out how to make energy out of afterbirth, we’ll be doing alright. I think you get the picture.

President Obama is a man who feeds others a line of bull that he hopes they’ll accept as some sort of plan, instead of actually dealing in the world of reality. He wishes and hopes that somehow, magically, algae will be used to take the place of oil which is a proven source of energy. Pipe dreams versus reality. For us, something tangible like an actual pipeline that would alleviate our pain at the pump, has been relegated to a pipe dream because of the dreamer we have in the White House.

The Lonely Conservative points out that if this idea were as promising as Obama’s hype suggested, there wouldn’t be much need for the government to get involved: “Oh, how nice that he’s committing millions more of our dollars to this pie in the sky idea. If algae is the silver bullet we need, why aren’t private investors rushing to get in on it?”

Allahpundit reminds us, “The One himself suggested on the trail in 2008 that he’d like to see gas price gradually increase and his Energy secretary has been mumbling about boosting prices to European levels for years. (Electricity prices would “skyrocket” too by Obama’s own admission if he had his way on cap-and-trade.) And yet, despite this being a golden opportunity for a “teachable moment” on why America needs to transition from fossil fuels to algae or whatever, some House Democrats are urging O to tap the strategic reserve to keep prices down and Obama’s whining about Republicans making political hay of it all. I wonder why. “$8 a gallon: Now more than ever” would make a nifty campaign slogan, but I suppose they don’t want to add any drags on the economy while it’s still recovering. Better to wait until it’s back to full blast and then start adding drags.”

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