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All In All, Not That Bad a Time To Be a Republican Governor

And you think there’s no good news for the GOP these days…

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) announced record fundraising numbers today.  The RGA raised $21.77 million through the 3rd Quarter and has $18.52 million on hand.  Both totals significantly outpace RGA’s 3rd Quarter numbers in the same cycle four years ago and eclipse RGA’s position in 2006 when there were 36 races.
“RGA’s aggressive fundraising allows us to run comprehensive campaigns across the country,” said RGA Chairman Gov. Rick Perry.  “All of our incumbents are leading their races for re-election, Dino Rossi is tied with the incumbent Democrat in Washington, and Pat McCrory is narrowly leading in North Carolina, a state Republicans haven’t held in 20 years.”
The Republican Governors Association has eleven races this year.  There are Republican incumbents in Indiana, North Dakota, Utah, and Vermont.  Challenger races are in Montana, New Hampshire, Washington, and West Virginia.  Delaware, Missouri, and North Carolina have open seats.

Basically, the RGA is focusing on those two races — North Carolina and Washington.

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