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All Lee Fisher Parade Volunteer Estimates Have a Margin of Error of +/- 48.

Elsewhere in Ohio, the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Rob Portman is amused by the turnout for candidates at the Fourth of July parades. They catch Democrat Lee Fisher declaring, via Twitter that he had 50 or even more volunteers marching in the Northland, Ohio, parade, and check the video to estimate a total closer to . . . two.

I would note that as amusing as this is, I’m not sure whether it reflects that no one wanted to march with Lee Fisher or whether it reflects a broader midsummer exhaustion with politics among the electorate. We’ve just endured a two-year presidential campaign, the birth of the tea parties, the angry town halls of last summer, the ridiculous process of health care from late last fall and this winter and spring, the Scott Brown earthquake . . . and everyone knows this fall will feature one of the most intense and broadly-fought midterm elections in recent memory. People may need a breather from intense political fights during the dog days of summer . . .


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