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Americans’ Fastest-Growing Fears: Terrorism, Race Relations, Illegal Immigration


Out of 15 domestic issues, Americans’ concerns about terrorism and race relations have risen most sharply over the past year. The percentage of Americans who worry “a great deal” about the possibility of a terrorist attack (51 percent) climbed 12 percentage points from 2014 to 2015, while concerns about race relations (28 percent) surged 11 points. Americans’ worries about illegal immigration also climbed over the past year, increasing six points to 39 percent.

This is what happens when Americans spend a year watching bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists behead Americans, watch a small city in Missouri torn apart along racial lines, and watch a tsunami of toddlers wandering across our insufficiently secured border.

But if you thought this was a sign that there was a return of real economic confidence or satisfaction with Obamacare . . . 

Overall, Americans worry most about the availability and affordability of healthcare (54 percent), the economy (53 percent) and the possibility of a future terrorist attack in the U.S. (51 percent).

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