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Americans: Obamacare Helps Everyone Except Doctors, Insured, Businesses, Taxpayers . . .


A majority of Americans say the U.S. healthcare law that the Supreme Court recently upheld as constitutional will make things better for those who do not have health insurance and for those who get sick. At the same time, Americans say the law will make things worse rather than better for taxpayers, businesses, doctors, and those who currently have health insurance. Americans are about evenly divided on the impact of the law on hospitals and on themselves personally.

So we now are on the way to providing insurance to 32 million to 50 million uninsured Americans, and all it took was worsening the system for 261 million to 279 million other Americans!

Funny thing, though . . . since Obamacare The Obama Health Care Tax passed, the number of uninsured Americans has risen:

Gallup first documented an increase in the monthly percentage of uninsured adults in November 2008, rising above 16% for the first time in February 2009 and above 17% for the first time December 2010. The monthly percentage of uninsured adults increased to 17.7% in December 2011, tying July for the highest on record. The uninsured rate was 17% or higher in most months in 2011.


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