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America’s Uninsured, Still Largely Unaware of Obamacare’s Changes

From the Tuesday Morning Jolt:

America’s Uninsured Remain Astonishingly Oblivious of the Entire Obamacare Debate

Here’s a major problem for everyone involved in politics: A good portion of our fellow Americans don’t know jack about squat.

You may think I’m exaggerating, or being snide, but check out the opening sentence of this piece in the Memphis Business Journal:

Uninsured Americans are eager to learn more about Obamacare, if they could just figure out where to start looking.

Even though the health insurance exchanges opened about a month ago and hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent promoting them, almost half (47 percent) of uninsured Americans still do not know where they can get information on how the Affordable Care Act will affect them, according to a new report.

Gee, if only someone, somewhere, had written something about Obamacare! If only the rollout of Obamacare had gotten some coverage in newspapers, or magazines, or websites, or television or radio!

The story continues:

But Americans are interested in learning about it.

Nearly two in three uninsured Americans (64 percent) have become more curious about the Affordable Care Act since the exchanges opened on Oct. 1, according to the Bankrate survey. Overall, 51 percent of the population has become more curious over the past month, including equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats.

Meanwhile, only one in 10 Americans (11 percent of the uninsured and 9 percent of the overall population) say their health insurance situation has improved over the past year, according the report.

This is actually a really huge problem for the administration. We are blowing up and completely overhauling one-sixth of our economy to help a portion of the public get health insurance . . . and that portion of the public is largely ignoring everything that’s going on. 


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