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Amid All the GOP Gloom, the RNC Is Outraising the DNC?

Rich Galen, now a Thompson guy, notices that while the Democratic candidates are outraising their GOP rivals by a wide margin, the RNC is outraising the DNC by a considerable margin. In “fundraising for the cycle, the RNC has out-raised the DNC about $45 million to about $28 million. A fundraising edge for the GOP of $17 million.” In terms of cash on hand, it’s $16 million to $3 million, once you account for the DNC’s $2 million in debts.

Gotta admit, I wouldn’t have predicted that.
UPDATE: The Democratic House and Senatorial campaign committees are ahead.
What’s the RNC doing right that the other committees aren’t? Don’t they draw from the same donor pools as the other committees?

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