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The Up and Down Press Access to the Obama Daughters? Yawn.

I find myself strangely criticism-free on the topic of Obama doing a TV interview with “Access Hollywood” with his children.

Like Luke Boggs, I found it to be pretty harmless fare, particularly the daughters’ saying they were surprised to see their parents on the covers of magazines, because they usually featured “somebody important.” Afterwards, Obama said he regretted it, and that we wouldn’t be seeing them in additional interviews. Again, I didn’t see what the harm was to the children, or to him, but that’s his call as a father. 
I do concur with Betsy that a guy who runs for president ought to keep the complaining about the loss of privacy to a minimum. Everybody goes into a presidential campaign knowing this comes with the territory.
Tom Maguire does roll his eyes when Obama says he wasn’t sure if his daughter meant it when she said their recent impromptu celebration at a Holiday Inn was the best birthday ever.
Now, having said that… if you have time for an interview with Access Hollywood, you do have time for a town hall meeting with McCain… 

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