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And How Much Fiscal Discipline Does a Commerce Secretary Get to Exercise?

A statement from Mitt Romney, regarding the Gregg pick:

Senator Judd Gregg is an excellent choice for Commerce Secretary. He will bring a much-needed sense of fiscal discipline to the affairs of the executive branch, and an appreciation of the need to adopt policies that encourage job growth and creation. Having distinguished himself through a long career of service to the people of New Hampshire, Senator Gregg now has a chance to put that service to work for a grateful nation.

It’s the usual gracious comment that an elected official is supposed to make at a moment like this. But I suspect a lot of the conservative grassroots are thinking, “Wait, Obama just plucked away the only guy who’s remotely conservative from New England, and replaced him with someone less conservative, giving the Democrats 59 and a half votes, it would seem . . .”


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