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And I Thought I Hated Yesterday’s Debate

This is entirely subjective, but Carolyn Washburn, editor of the Des Moines Register, seems to be in much better spirits. Her “thank you”s seem much warmer.

Again, an hour in, we’re watching a debate with no contrasts or disagreements.
Dodd: “I’m going to underscore what Barack said, I agree completely.”
Hillary: “I agree exactly with what Chris and Barack have said.” 
If you’re an undecided Democrat, does this debate do you any good? You know what Democrats in general stand for, but you have no idea what Hillary will get you as president that Obama, Edwards, or any of the others don’t get you. This is mush.
Okay, Democrats in my audience, if you’re watching this debate, I genuinely want to know – are you enjoying the format of this debate? Are you seeing any difference among the candidates in their answers? Or has the choice come down to who delivers that uniform answer the best?

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