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Another Nominee Bites the Dust?

I’m wondering if the earlier item, reporting that Daschle’s nomination is going to be pulled, is mixed in with this surprising withdrawal:

NBC News has learned that the president’s choice for “chief performance officer”–technically a deputy OMB director post–could end up having to withdraw over a number of issues, including tax problems. The withdrawal of Nancy Killefer could happen as soon as today. So far the White House has no comment on the situation.

UPDATE: The AP confirms.

Three cabinet nominees had unpaid tax issues?

UPDATE: Actually, if Killefer withdrew over a tax issue–”failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help”–that would make Daschle’s withdrawal more likely. It’s tough to argue that not paying taxes is unacceptable for the government’s “chief performance officer” but it’s okay for the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Then again, why was it acceptable for the Treasury Secretary?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Beautiful. I’m told that on MSNBC, Norah O’Donnell is asking guests why the men can get away with not paying their taxes, but the woman can’t.


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