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Another Tragic Consequence of the Debt Ceiling Debate

The Associated Press, this morning:

From the White House to Congress, the negotiations over raising the U.S. debt limit have overshadowed or halted work on everything from job creation to the military conflict in Libya to education reform. And the debt debate has hamstrung President Barack Obama’s ability to hit the road to campaign and raise money for his re-election bid.

Oh, no! The guy who’s hosted 35 fundraisers and raised $86 million in the first six months of the year can’t get out to do more of them!

By the way, over at the lefty site, FireDogLake:

Jim Messina tried to claim in his video announcing the Q2 numbers that 98% of all donations were $250 or less, and the average contribution was $69 from around 550,000 contributors. That gives the impression of a grassroots-fueled army. Messina didn’t say that these numbers excluded the DNC contributions, mostly maxed-out $30,000 donations. And now, the fact of these bundlers complicates Messina’s narrative even more. It’s possible – in fact, given the numbers, it’s likely – that a portion of the under-$250 contributions were collected by bundlers. I think we can say with confidence that bundlers aren’t going to “ordinary Americans” for those collections. They are rich elites who go to their rich elite friends.

In fact, Obama for America only cited less than half of their total contributions – $21.4 million – as “unitemized,” meaning they were smaller than $200 donations that don’t need to be teamed with identification. You can pretty safely bet that almost no DNC Victory Fund donations were under $200. That would mean that 3/4 of all money collected by Obama for America and the DNC Victory Fund were through donations over $200. That syncs with the bundler data.


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