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An Appropriations Bill Just Filled to the Brim with Awesome

Here are the types of spending priorities you find in an examination of the text of the Economic Recovery Bill:

An additional $300 million for roads on Indian reservations.

An additional $100 million for the Lead Hazard Reduction Program.

An additional $44 million for “construction, repair, and improvement” of Department of Agriculture buildings, and an additional amount for “Buildings and Facilities” and an additional $209 million for work on “deferred maintenance at Agricultural Research Service facilities.”

An additional $245 million to “maintain and modernize the information technology system at the Farm Service Agency.”

An additional $1 billion (with a B) to the Census Bureau for “Periodic Censuses and Programs.”

An additional $650 million for the Department of Commerce’s Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Program, to be used for “coupons and related activities, including but not limited to education, consumer support and outreach, as deemed appropriate and necessary to ensure a timely conversion of analog to digital television.”

An additional $400 million to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for “operations, research and facilities.”

An additional $150 million to NASA for “aeronautics.”

An additional $4.5 billion (with a B) to improve, repair and modernize Department of Defense facilities, restore and modernize Army barracks, and invest in the energy efficiency of Department of Defense facilities.

An additional $1.7 billion (with a B) for projects to address critical deferred maintenance needs within the National Park System.

An additional $50 million to the National Endowment for the Arts “to be distributed in direct grants to fund arts projects and activities which preserve jobs in the non-profit arts sector threatened by declines in philanthropic and other support during the current economic downturn.”

Recall that all of this is “additional” funding on top of what was appropriated to these programs last year.


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