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Are the Netroots Proving Incapable of Derailing Hillary?

Patrick Ruffini, formerly web/blog/tech guy for Bush/Cheney 04 and Rudy, reacts to Jerome Armstrong’s it’s Hillary’s nomination to lose analysis. It’s typically insightful and a must-read.

His closing thought?

Paradoxically, I wonder if this won’t be a better year for the rightroots after all, and for the same reason that 2003 was good for the netroots. People don’t much like the candidates and are generally pissed off. With the candidates so evenly bunched, won’t the small edge that the rightroots can provide matter more? The netroots may be larger in absolute terms, but their task — toppling Hillary — is many, many, many times larger.
Jerome’s exasperation shows they may not be up to it.

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