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Are There Any ‘Big Endorsements’ Left?

When I heard the “big endorsement” that Fred Thompson had picked up was from the conservative journal Human Events, I admit, my first response was, “Didn’t they endorse him already?”

They’re a fine publication, he’s a fine candidate… but was anybody on the sidelines, saying, “I think I like some candidates, but I’m waiting to see which way H.E. goes”?
I don’t think there are many ‘big endorsements’ remaining out there. As I noted earlier this year, Nancy Reagan won’t be endorsing until there’s a nominee. I don’t expect Margaret Thatcher to come out and endorse one. Rush proclaims his non-endorsement, even though he’s made his beefs with Huckabee and McCain clear.
Anybody left?
George H.W. Bush? Jeb? Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Mark Sanford in South Carolina? Charlie Crist in Florida?


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