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Arizona Democrat Gabby Giffords to Constituents: Drop Dead

Gabby Giffords, Arizona Democrat, is one yes who appears to be remaining “yes.”

A recent poll found 52 percent of the voters in her district oppose the bill; 35 percent support it. Even more voters hate reconciliation.

Statewide, health care is polling at 38 percent support to 59 percent opposition.

Some folks are seeking the opportunity to remedy this incongruency between the voters and their representative: Jesse Kelly, Jonathan Paton, Andy Goss, and Brian Miller.

McCain carried this district by 6 percent; Bush by 7 percent in 2004.

UPDATE: An entire five days ago:

U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords sent a letter Tuesday to President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reiterating her opposition to the Senate health care reform bill.

Giffords, who voted for the House reform bill, said the Senate plan would inflict a massive new spending requirement on the state at a time when state revenues are plummeting and the budget is in dire shape.

“I urge you to give Arizonans your word to ensure that any final health insurance reform legislation treats all states equally and does not result in unfunded mandates on states like Arizona,” she wrote.

Wednesday morning on Twitter, meanwhile, said wrote, “Tucson and Sierra Vista are very different, yet papers in both towns are supportive of health insurance reform. Tells us something.”

With Giffords considered a swing vote on the issue, calls have been steady into her office from all over the country. And on Tuesday night,  about 120 opponents to the health care plan stood in a cold, steady rain in front of the congressional office, holding signs that read, “Honk if You’re Paying Attention” or “Gabby, show some spine.”

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