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Arlen Specter’s Secret Attack Ad Against Joe Sestak

A Pennsylvania source tells me that Arlen Specter is running an attack ad against Democrat primary rival Joe Sestak. But he must not want this ad to get too much attention outside the state, since it’s not on his campaign web site or his campaign’s YouTube channel.

A transcript, from my Pennsylvania source:

ANNOUNCER: Joe Sestak, Relived of Duty in the Navy for creating a poor command climate.

(picture of Joe Sestak with headline, “Relieved of Duty” and “creating a poor command climate”)

ANNOUNCER: Joe Sestak, the worst attendance of any Pennsylvania congressman.

(picture of Joe Sestak with text, “Worst Attendance of any Pennsylvania Congressman”)

ANNOUNCER: And near the bottom of the entire Congress.

(picture of Joe Sestak with text “Near the bottom of the entire Congress”)

ANNOUNCER: Last year alone, Sestak missed 127 votes.

(Picture of desk with cobwebs and text “missed 127 votes”)

ANNOUNCER: Sestak says missed votes weren’t important, he went campaigning instead.

(picture of Pennsylvania with text “Missed votes weren’t important”)

ANNOUNCER: Say no to No Show Joe.

“Seems to be running in heavy rotation at least in Harrisburg,” my source notes.

Specter has an attack site, “No Show Joe,” but the video isn’t even up there.


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