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The Washington Post asks, “Can Barack Obama win the black vote?” Honest.


(You think the Post likes taking whacks at Obama?)


I take back any time I’ve ever wondered if Obama or Romney have enough experience in national politics, as Albert Eisele is talking up Jim Webb for the Democratic nomination. Obama has about two years on the national stage; Webb has about two weeks.

If giving a dynamite speech before a national audience can make Barack Obama a presidential contender, then there’s no reason it can’t do the same for Jim Webb.


Indeed, the freshly-minted freshman Democratic senator from Virginia could claim to be as well-qualified to run for president as his fellow freshman from Illinois, who came out of nowhere in recent weeks to become Hillary Clinton’s principal challenger.

In other news, looked at their sales data for their Election 2008 bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts, magnets, posters and sundries sold in the period from September 19, 2006 right through January 23, 2007. In spring 2006, it was all over the map; lately, it’s a big surge for Obama nationwide. For whatever that’s worth.


(I’ll bet a lot of committed Democrats still have “Vote for Clinton” buttons from 1992, 1996, and 2000.)

 Finally, the Vice President said he didn’t think Senator Hillary Clinton would make a good president. I think this was a missed opportunity. If Dick Cheney had said, “I think Hillary Clinton would make a terrific president; our agendas are essentially the same and I believe she would enact every policy goal that I have wanted for the last six years,” would it have sunk her candidacy, right then and there? Wouldn’t that have instantly become the attack-ad line that would have been used against her, again and again, whacking her around like a piñata in the Democratic primary?


Just throwing out the idea. I suppose Donald Rumsfeld could still come out and endorse her, and ruin her chances in the primary.


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