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Axelrod: No More ‘Fairy Dust’ Talk! Stick to Algae!

The top adviser to President-Heal-the-Sick-and-Stop-the-Oceans’-Rise laments the “magic fairy dust” talk in politics.

“We always want lower gas prices, because that’s good for our economy.  The question is whether it’s realistic to say, as the speaker did, that there’s some magic fairy dust that you can sprinkle and get $2.50 gas?  The American people know that’s not the case,” said [David] Axelrod.

David Axelrod says it’s time to stop the “Magic Fairy Dust” talk of $2.50/gallon gas and focus on real solutions. Like algae-powered cars.

As the poster of that video notes, “Obama’s solution to $5/gal gas is to spend years, even decades, developing a new fuel, creating a new distribution system, and have everyone buy new cars that run on this fuel. I wonder how that will help the people hurt the most by high gas prices.”


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