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Bad News for the GOP, But Also Bad News For Obama

The bad news for Republicans: Defeat in Mississippi’s First Congressional District. Did I say bad? Maybe “catastrophic” is an appropriate term.

The bad news for Obama fans: Their guy, at this hour, is on course to lose West Virginia by about 39, maybe 40 percent. She’s going to shave at least 100,000 votes off his popular vote margin; she’ll be able to argue that she’s the popular vote winner if you count Michigan and Florida. So far, he has not won a single county in West Virginia. He’s above 40 percent in one county at this hour.
If John Edwards remains at 7 percent, Barack Obama will have run only 20 percent ahead of a guy who dropped out more than three months ago. 
Obama received glowing, it’s-over-he-is-the-nominee coverage for the past six days, and that amounted to nothing in West Virginia. One has to wonder if the giddy praise and tingling feelings jolting up the legs of the Chris Matthewses, Keith Olbermanns and the cable news “Wright-free zones” of the world amounts to a hill of beans out in Exurban America.

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