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Barack Obama, Campaigning at the San Diego Comic-Con?

This would rank among the all-time most unusual campaign stops:

Rumors abound that a certain presidential hopeful may show up at the San Diego Comic Con. Allegedly, members of Barack Obama’s camp contacted organizers of the show to inquire about the Senator making an appearance. That would be a most insane and decidedly cool move for Obama…no one has ever reached out to the comic book community in such a way before…embracing the “geek” vote would be a stellar move.

The convention is July 24-27, about one month before the Democratic convention.
Insert your own comic-related joke here…
My attempt: “Obama may not get such a warm reception, as video of surfaced of Obama’s mentor Jeremiah Wright declaring that in his mind, Jean-Paul Valley will always be the real Batman, and that his armor design was the best Bat-suit.”


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